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COVID‑19 Webinar_

September 26, 2020

A medium to share reflections and lessons from different strategies taken by different countries in their efforts to recover from COVID‑19.


The Hospitals Beyond Boundaries COVID‑19 Webinar is intended to educate univeristy students, working professionals, academicians & lecturers, as well as the general public on the measures taken by different countries to tackle COVID‑19.

Speakers are invited from an array of countries to discuss the challenges that are unique to their respective countries.


Tackling the COVID‑19 Crisis: Lessons Learnt.

To discuss the challenges unique to different regions in tackling COVID‑19, including socioeconomic and cultural factors.

To enlighten participants on the preventive measures taken by different countries to tackle COVID‑19.

To prepare future generations, including youth and health organisations, for future health crises.

What Will You Learn?_


Current and updated pandemic situation globally.


Different practises undertook by participating countries in combating COVID-19.

Steps & Ideas

Preventative steps and ideas were taken by different countries in controlling the pandemic.

Future Generations

To give an insight for future generations to be prepared for future pandemics.


Hear from inspiring speakers working on every aspect of the medical ecosystem to battle the pandemic — from leaders to professionals.


Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah

Director-General of Ministry of Health Malaysia

A Malaysian endocrine surgeon who has served as the Director-General of Health since 2013 up to this date. He is widely known for playing an outstanding and prominent role in leading Malaysia to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been recognized by The China Global TV Network (CGTN) as best three doctors of the world in combating the pandemic.


Dr. Nasser Ali Asad Al-Ansari

Consultant Medical Microbiologist & Infection Control from Qatar

A board certified Consultant Medical Microbiologist & Infection Control from Qatar who took up his duties at the Al Wakra Hospital. He has more than 28 years of experience in clinical microbiology and infection control and has been actively involved in doing research about current pandemic COVID-19. Currently, he also serves as the Chairman of Research and Education Committee for Al Wakra Hospital as well as Chairman of System Wide Incident Command Committee (SWICC) for Infection Control that has been actively involved in COVID-19 pandemic management in Qatar.


Dr. Tasnim Atatrah

Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness and International Health Regulations in Central Asia

Dr. Tasnim Atatrah has worked for the World Health Organization since 2010, and currently assigned as the Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness and International Health Regulations program in Central Asia. She has over 17 years work experience, and has led the emergency response operation and public health humanitarian response in country of conflicts including Gaza, Syria, and Libya. She has been awarded Doctor in Medicine degree, Master of Public Health and Epidemiology, diploma in Management, and High diploma in Management of Humanitarian Health and Nutrition Programs.


Prof Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Lokman Saim

Vice Chancellor of KPJ Healthcare University College and the Dean, School of Medicine

An ENT surgeon, with sub-specialization in Otology and Neuro-otology – an expert in the management of diseases of the ear including surgery of the inner ear and areas of the brain that is involved in balance and hearing. Currently he serves as the President of the Board of Directors of Hospitals Beyond Boundaries

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