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2nd COVID‑19 Webinar

January 30, 2021
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Diverse Outlook:

COVID-19 Pandemic Response In Conflict Zones


Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB) Second COVID-19 Webinar is intended to educate students, working professionals, academicians as well as the public on the condition or challenges that the professional in medical and healthcare industry gone through as result of working in a country that face crisis or political conflict during COVID-19 pandemic.

Speakers are invited from an array of countries to discuss the challenges that are unique to their respective countries.


Diverse Outlook:
COVID-19 Pandemic Response In Conflict Zones

To focus on the challenges faced by medical and healthcare professional researcher, consultant, and advisor during conflict/crisis settings.

To discuss the effect COVID-19 within the community that located in the conflict zones how in medical and healthcare professional managed to serve the community.

To enlighten participants the situations on the different healthcare professionals in different countries response to the pandemic.

What Will You Learn?


The latest outlook on the COVID-19 pandemic in middle east.


What conflict/crisis settings are unique to a country how medical and healthcare professional trying to control COVID-19 in their countries.


Different challenges and obstacles faced by medical and healthcare professional participating countries in combating COVID-19 despite in conflict/crisis settings.

Future Generations

Insight for the global audience, variety health organisations as well as future generations of medical and healthcare professional can learn to tackle future health pandemic in the conflict settings.


Hear from inspiring speakers working on every aspect of the medical ecosystem to battle the pandemic — from leaders to professionals.

Dr. Ihlas Altinci
Sexual and Reproductive Health Adviser, CARE INTERNATIONAL

Dr Ihlas Altinci has almost ten years experience practicing as family doctor in Syria before moving to Turkey in 2013. Since 2013, She has been remotely managing health, nutrition and sexual and reproductive health project inside Syria working for different International organizations like World Vision, Relief International and CARE International.

Manar Marzouk
COVID-19 International Modelling Consortium, University of Oxford

Manar Marzouk currently working with the COVID-19 International Modelling Consortium (CoMo) at the University of Oxford on modelling the impact of COVID-19 mitigation measures in different regions in Syria. Her research focus on health policy and health systems in refugee and conflict settings. She has partaken in several projects on health systems and policy analysis in different countries in the MENA region.

Dr. Mohammad Abu Rayya
Health Consultant, Ard El-Insan Palestinian Benevolent Association

Dr. Mohammad Abu Rayya is a health consultant for Ard El-Insan Palestinian Benevolent Association in Gaza for Child Health and Nutrition. His 11 years of experience, notably his work on nutritional health education, has greatly impacted the community in nutritional-related health issues through behaviour modification.

Dr. Walid Daoud
Director of Chest Department of Shifa Hospital, Gaza

Dr. Walid Abdelsalam Yousef Daoud is a director of Chest Department of Shifa Hospital in Gaza since 2006. He also a part-time Assistant Professor of Chest Medicine at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. His 30 years of work experience and 20 years as educator made him a notable figure in chest medicine. His specialty in chest medicine has an impact on local and international level can be seen through his appointment as National Tuberculosis Program Manager of Palestine and Tuberculosis expert in the World Health Organization (WHO).

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